The Gestational Surrogate Experience Through the Eyes of a Surrogate

Vermont Surrogacy Network Surrogate - Eliza

Becoming a gestational surrogate can be both joyful and daunting. It’s a significant moment in a woman’s life, and the process requires courage, commitment and selflessness.

We want to introduce one of our gestational surrogates, Eliza, who offered to share some insight on her experience with surrogacy. Together, we hope to provide understanding, clarity and insight into becoming a gestational surrogate.

What is Gestational Surrogacy

You may have found this article while looking into gestational surrogacy and want to learn how it differs from a traditional surrogacy. Or perhaps you’ve already decided to become a gestational surrogate but are looking for a more personal account, something through the eyes of a surrogate. Whether you’re just contemplating becoming a surrogate or are ready to begin a journey of a lifetime, a brief introduction to gestational surrogacy is warranted.

For those just beginning to investigate the subject, gestational surrogacy is a powerful way to help intended parents have their dream of having a baby come true. As a surrogate, you’ll carry and deliver a baby for another couple or individual. In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate has no genetic link with the baby; instead, the embryo created from the egg and sperm of the intended parents is placed in your uterus. During gestational surrogacy, the intended parents are legally recognized as the newborn’s parents after the birth.

Finding a Surrogacy Agency

Many women find a surrogacy agency through referrals from friends and family, online research, or reproductive health clinics. Any surrogacy agency you’re considering should be carefully evaluated to make sure it meets your needs and expectations in terms of cost, communication methods, and legal expertise. Additionally, talking with other couples who’ve used an agency can provide valuable insight into the process and help you choose the best option for you.

We asked Eliza how she first heard about surrogacy and found Vermont Surrogacy Network:

I first heard of VSN while helping our cousins on their infertility journey. They became pregnant after I’d completed VSN’s paperwork. Our friends were also experiencing infertility so we continued with the process.

I think a Google search popped up for VSN and I noticed that they’re local, only about 30 minutes from where I live. Jes and her stellar team took endless hours to answer any and all questions. I knew they were who I wanted to work with.

Ultimately, selecting the right surrogacy agency is an important decision. It's essential to take your time, research, and choose a program that works best for you and your family. Make sure to ask questions and understand their policies before making a commitment. With the right guidance and support, choosing a surrogacy agency can bring you one step closer to helping a family fulfill their dream of parenthood.

Challenges and Rewards of Being a Surrogate

Becoming a gestational surrogate is not an easy decision to make. There are numerous physical and emotional challenges that come with being a gestational surrogate. It can often be overwhelming to navigate the legal system, as well as face the possibility of judgment from others who may not understand the process or the motivations behind it.

From her experience, Eliza explained what she found most challenging.

No one tells you about the wait, the shortest part is being pregnant! If you go in with a timeframe in mind, you’ll end up being frustrated.

However, there are also countless rewards associated with being a gestational surrogate. Knowing that you have made a difference in another family's life is one of them. Additionally, the bond between surrogates and parents-to-be often extends beyond the pregnancy to create meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime. These rewards make the journey of becoming a gestational surrogate worth it in the end.

Eliza shared, in terms of the most rewarding part of the process.

I gained an entire new family, one I didn’t even know I needed. Seven years and two successful surrogacies later, we still talk monthly, if not weekly.

Becoming a gestational surrogate is an extraordinary experience which can bring invaluable gifts and rewards. While the journey can be challenging, when you look back on it, the feeling of helping another family bring their baby into this world will have a lasting impact that brings immense joy. Even after the surrogacy ends, your contribution to parenthood will remain in the hearts of those you help for many years to come.

Eliza’s Advice to Women Considering Gestational Surrogacy

  • Write out all your goals and feelings before matching and medications.
  • Match with people who share your same values, even if it takes a couple tries.
  • Open, honest communication is the success for the best journeys.
  • It’s not all about being paid to carry a child. If you’re looking for quick “easy money,” surrogacy isn’t for you.
  • It will be the hardest job you ever complete but also the most rewarding. You’re handing someone their future, bringing their hopes and dreams to reality.
  • You will be attached to the feeling you get seeing someone become a parent.

Help Others Experience the Joy of Parenthood

As a gestational surrogate, you can provide an incredible gift of life to intended parents. You can offer hope in the face of infertility and help others experience the joy of parenthood. It’s a humbling privilege to do this important work, and to witness the power of love between parents and their children that crosses all boundaries.

Surrogacy provides us with the opportunity to make a positive difference in the world, one family at a time. If you’re ready to take the next step and help create a new family, we’re ready to help you get started. Get in touch with us today. We can’t wait to be part of your journey!