Contracts Signed

Contracts Signed

I am so excited! The contracts are all signed and we are ready to rock and roll! Let me backtrack for a moment. I connected with the Vermont Surrogacy Network (VSN) like 3 years ago and was advised to wait till I had my next child and then decide.

Well, after Georgina was about one and a half, Jes from VSN called me and asked if I was still interested…..well duh, of course I was!

I met with her, filled out the forms, blah, blah, blah. She then asked if I was interested in being matched with a couple that already has children but medically couldn’t have any more. I was like sure, I have no reason to judge, I just want my dream of being a surrogate to come true.

So we had our first phone call with the intended parents in January. This usually last about 20 minutes, but we talked for an hour! Both parties were still interested so we had dinner in Stowe, VT one evening. Okay, let me tell you, both Dan and I felt like we were on first dates all over again—we had butterflies and were very nervous. Turns out we are pretty much identical couples it’s insane! Hit it off so well we had to be asked to leave the table since their next reservation had come in. Oops!

Okay back to the fast forward 2 to 3 months. Wow, it really took that long, hmm…well, now it is actually going to happen. I even got a phone call from the Pharmacy telling me they were delivering my medications (what? pharmacies deliver!). I'll be taking estrogen (pills) and progesterone (injections)…if you could see my cringing face right now. Very nervous about the injections, but I know it will be fine. All we are waiting for is my Aunt Flow to show up and join the party. Then the process will start from there.