Birth And Beyond

Birth And Beyond

Very happy to announce surrobaby girl!!!

She arrived Tuesday May 14, 2019 at 1:51pm. She was 7 lbs 9oz and 21 inches. By far my largest. It was one of my more complicated labors even though it was only 17 minutes. Let's just say when I thought she was out, she actually wasn't, so two contractions worth of pushing. I am used to 1 push and they are out, so with all the extra pushing I ended up busting so many blood vessels, looking in the mirror for the first time I couldn't recognize myself.

Even though the labor was hard the experience was like nothing I can describe, seeing two people overjoyed at the birth of their baby girl. I cannot explain the joy I felt at giving this couple the chance to complete their family. The mother was by my side the whole labor, and her cold hands were a God send! In the hospital we spent a lot of time together, I was able to hold baby girl and the next day mom, dad and baby all went home, and I honestly was sad to see them all go.

When I thought I was going home, my blood pressure spiked to double normal levels so I ended up staying one more night, along with being sent home the next day with a brand new medication for blood pressure, which I will be on for up 2 two months.

I have been pumping for surrobaby girl, which is great, I love still being able to be a huge help to the parents. I love the connection that we have come to build, I call her & she calls me. We are always texting back and forth, checking on each other. We have come to be great friends, and am now Auntie Justine to surrobaby. We plan on vacationing again this summer hopefully with all the kiddos. The connection in the journey has been everything I could have asked for and more.

Afterwards — I'm now 4 days post partum and am I sad yes, partially because emotions are all over the place from loss of hormones. I'm not sad at not having an infant around, I'm sad that my journey is over. So the question is where do I stand? Sorting out feelings, spending time with my girls is all I have right now. Best description is scatterbrained, my body thinks there is an infant, but there is not, so training my body to readjust is probably the hardest part. Would I do this again, absolutely!

What would I change, I'd make sure my husband wasn't out of state when I have the baby. I have been debating on having another child for my own family, and after seeing baby girl, baby fever hit me and I realized my family isn't complete, and need to at least try for another boy, granted I will take and love any child, but we have to try... now to get the husband on board... Haha.