Vermont Surrogacy Network provides families throughout Vermont, New England, and the world with an ethical, affordable, and supportive environment in which intended parents and gestational carriers are matched and guided through the process of surrogacy.

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"If you are reading this testimonial, you are probably enduring one of the most difficult journeys of your life. At 39 years old, I was diagnosed with depleted ovarian reserve. My husband and I had gone through multiple IVF procedures at both UVM Medical and BostonIVF. We were not only at the egg donor stage but we were also faced with the stark reality of resorting to a gestational carrier. Once you have psychologically surmounted yet another round of disappointment and difficult circumstances, you will find that hope and results await you at the office of Vermont Surrogacy Network with the expertise of Jes Stump, Executive Director. While our case was probably one of the more difficult cases (our first gestational carrier miscarried at 13 weeks) that required a second gestational carrier, we finally met our son in March 2020! Throughout this journey you will need humor, love, fortitude and patience. The expertise and experience of VSN is invaluable to navigate you through the financial, legal and logistical coordination between the intended parent, the IVF clinic and your angel gestational carrier."

- Marilyn Aldrich

"We were very pleased working with Vermont Surrogacy through out out gestational carry with our close friend. It was helpful to have more support at the beginning to understand the steps, openly ask questions and then have support faded overtime as the pregnancy progressed. This allowed support to be utilized as needed and the connection with a close friend to be comfortable without too much support (as this process has many professionals involved). We are appreciative and happy that our little boy is healthy, happy and has a village full of love from the start!"

- Jenn Randall

"One cannot say enough about what Vermont Surrogacy Network has to offer. The care, quality, support, love, and dedication are unsurpassed. The founder, Jes, offers a compassionate heart, resilience and strength, and a generosity yet to be matched. I am grateful to know a place like this, with people like this team, exist to provide such needed services to families. Thank you for all you give and all you do!"

- Siobhan Kizis

"Surrogacy is a wonderful journey! Jess is the perfect person to help guide you in the process. Whether you want to be a surrogate or intended parents."

- Cristy Waterhouse

"Vermont Surrogacy Network was great to work with. Everyone was compassionate, caring and down to earth. I had such a wonderful experience. I recommend them!"

- Tori Whitten

"Working with VSN was wonderful, and our surrogacy journey to create our family was nothing short of magical. The relationship and bond that was formed during this process was life changing! We can’t imagine life without our surrogate and her family, they have become family to us and we are so grateful to have had such a special path to parenthood. We have created a life long friendship during this process and look forward to our relationship growing as the years pass, our intended parent/surrogate match was meant to be and we can’t imagine this process any other way."

Thank you again.

- Erin and Matt Fliesser

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Ask The Surrogate: What's The Most Rewarding Thing?

There are few experiences on earth that offer the rich rewards that come with becoming a surrogate. Surrogacy is a life-changing journey that can lead to growing families and fast friendships.

What does it mean to be a “surrogate-focused” agency?

At the beating heart of surrogacy, both the word and the act, is the surrogate. Vermont Surrogacy Network was founded almost 10 years ago on this ideal. That if we find and focus on our rare and magical “unicorns” it will create great matches and great matches lead to happy families and connections that extend beyond delivery.

Breast Milk and Surrogate Babies!

There are many benefits to breast milk for a baby. And there are benefits to the person producing it, but there can be challenges to it as well. When we add in the emotions and logistics of pumping, freezing, and shipping it to the surro-baby’s family, some families decide it’s just too much. There’s no “right” answer to this question, but here are some things to keep in mind!